Come Together at TNNA
At the  Summer TNNA Trade Show  in Columbus (June 10th - 12th), we are hosting a collaborative art installation as a way for our crafting community to create something beautiful. Everyone is invited to stitch a little love when they visit our interactive wall!  No matter your craft preference, we encourage you to come make your mark! Bring a small swatch that you stitch while thinking of the prompts below, or use the materials provided at the show to add something meaningful. 

Participate Online
Even if you aren't going to TNNA, you can still add your voice to our virtual wall below by tagging your Instagram posts with #stitchlove! If you are having trouble with inspiration, think about the following questions. 
- How does crafting  bring you inner peace?
- What do you love about our industry? 
- What inspires you to create? 
- Who is your fiber community? 
Let your creativity shine - we can't wait for you to join the conversation!

Craft a Community
We are living in a time of increased stress from our busy lives, international unrest, and a polarized political landscape that creates anxiety for everyone. Crafting can transcend religion, politics, and culture; through our shared love of craft, we can foster a respectful dialogue to better understand the world around us. We want this installation to serve as a catalyst to move past fear and doubt, restoring hope and optimism in our crafting community. Please stop by the TNNA lounge or participate online, and add a piece of yourself into this project.

Coming Soon: virtual #stitchlove wall

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